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Da Capo III Episode 1


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Story line

Yoshino Kiyotaka dreams of a girl standing next to a cherry tree, calling his name, but is awoken by Katsuragi Himeno in the Official Newspaper Club, surrounded by the other club members Morizono Rikka, Yoshino Charles, Rukawa Sara, and Hinomoto Aoi. The current topic of discussion: How to beat the more successful Unofficial Newspaper Club. Desperately trying to find a topic of note, the club visits the seemingly dead witherless cherry blossom tree, and wish for something. Should any one of those wishes come true, these would be a great topic for their next newspaper edition. As they cast their wishes, the cherry blossoms suddenly bloom again after over 20 years, and everyone standing under the magnificent tree receives the very same mysterious text message, that was sent over a hundred years ago:"When the cherry blossoms bloom, at that promised place..."


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